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Creative Writing Prompts on Writing Maps
Writing Maps Gifts for Writers

Set of All 24 Writing Maps: Save 30%


The full set of Writing Maps. Get all 24 Writing Maps and save 30%.

Make sure you have inspiration for every situation. Prepare to be inspired at home, on your commute, and wherever your travels and imagination take you.

Writing Maps are perfect for sharing, too.


  1. City of Inspiration: Writing Prompts for Writing in Cafes, Parks, Galleries and by Water
  2. Writing the Love: Writing Prompts for Lovers in Galleries, Parks and Cafes
  3. Writing People: A Writing Map for Crowded Places
  4. Write Around the House: Writing Prompts to Explore the Rooms We Inhabit
  5. The Character Map: Writing Prompts to Explore Characters in Fiction & Memoir
  6. My Writing Life: Charting Your Life as a Writer
  7. Writing Art: Writing in Galleries and Museums
  8. The Café Writing Map: Writing Prompts for Cafés, Bars, Bistros, and Pubs 
  9. Writing Things: Writing About Objects and the Things We Carry
  10. Write By the Sea: A Writing Map for Sandy Places
  11. The Voice and Point of View Writing Map
  12. Write Up Your Street: A Neighbourhood Writing Map
  13. The Big Gay Writing Map: Story Ideas for Anyone Who's a Little Bit Different
  14. How to Write a Story: A Writing Map to Help You Hunt for and Create Stories
  15. Writing the Family Album: A Writing Map Inspired by Sergei Dovlatov's book Ours
  16. Write Around the Bookshop: Writing Prompts in the Company of Books
  17. Writing the Body: A Writing Map from Head to Toe
  18. How to Turn Food into Words: A Writing Map of Magical Eating
  19. The Peckham Writing Map.
  20. Write Over the Top: A Writing Map to Fabulous Stories. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
  21. The Description Writing Map: An Inspirational Workout for Writers.
  22. Write Through School: A Writing Map from Classroom to Staff Room.
  23. The Raw Soul Food Map: A Stress-Free Introduction to a Healthier Life.
  24. Writing with Fabulous Trees: A Writing Map for Parks, Gardens and Other Green Spaces.

If you'd like to start with smaller sets of Writing Maps. Each of the following sets contains 6 Writing Maps in total: The City Inspiration Set, The Craft Set, and The Intimate Inspiration Set.

NOTE: Some content not suitable for writers under 16.