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Writing Maps Box Set
Writing Maps Box Set
Writing Maps Box Set

Writing Maps Box Set


The new Writing Maps Box Set has everything you'll need to keep writing. Need to finish a novel by the end of November? Our creative writing prompts, story ideas, and suggestions for character development will keep you inspired.

The Box Set contains 5 Writing Maps, a Notebook, a Postcard and suggested ways to use the maps.

Writing Maps in the Box Set Include: City of Inspiration, Writing People, Writing Things, Write Up Your Street, and The Voice & Point of View Map.

What's a Writing Map? Click here.

Take the Box Set on holiday, to work, to the park, on a plane or train. Use the notebook to write in and the box as a desk. Use the creative writing prompts on the Writing Maps to write fiction, memoir, science fiction, prose poems, any combination of genres. Use them to experiment and try out new ways of writing. Use them when you're blocked or inspired.

Writing Maps are a great gift for friends, writers, teachers, lovers, adventurers, children, your boss, but mainly for yourself! Give the gift of encouragement.

You can carry the Box Set with you in your bag, keep it in your desk drawer, your pocket, your car, or by your bed for inspiration at all times. Each Writing Map has a different theme or focus, will prompt a variety of stories, strengthen your writing, and may take you out of your comfort zone!

NOTE: Not all content suitable for writers under 16.